Truckers Fighting Depression

Truckers Fighting Depression
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Monday, January 6, 2020

Depression in truckers-what you need to know about the dark side of a truck driving career.

Depression in truckers-what you need to know about the dark side of a truck driving career.

This video linked above is from the YouTube channel Smart Trucking.  I will gladly remove the video upon request from the content creator.

The text below is from the video description. 

"Depression is a definite, serious problem among the truck driver community.
Over 13% of truck drivers suffer from some level of depression, staggering figures. A truck driving career leaves a driver alone for very long periods of time, which is sometimes not healthy for the individual. The job is also very high stress which can reek havoc on a truck driver. There are signs of mild depression which every driver should be aware of. Extra tense and easily angered, feeling extra tired, uninterested in favorite activities, feeling generally unwell etc. Look for these common signs. There are a few simple ways to combat mild depression. Taking a pet along on trips, focusing on general health, good eating and exercise can be helpful, making contact with homebase on a daily basis, enjoying a hobby or favorite activity for a period of time each day are just a few. If you feel you cannot cope with what you think may be depression, there's nothing shameful about reaching out for professional help. Or in the alternative, leaving your driving job and getting your mental health back on track. No job is worth sacrificing your health for."

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